GEA Plug In Port

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GEA Plug In Port

 An innovation in sample processing from Qualitru, the leaders in aseptic sampling


As you may know Agriyork have been supplying aseptic sampling ports and septa to the dairy industry from our trusted partner Qualitru for many years.


If you are using GEA VARINLINE in your process piping system you will be pleased to know that a new QUALITRU designed “plug-in” port is now available. This means that the VARINLINE access units which allow in-line connection of instruments for eg.  pressure, temperature and flow measurement are now able to accept TRUSTREAM SAMPLING PORTS for aseptic sampling.

Qualitru are looking to supply a number of these ports free of charge to suitable sites, along with septa and Trudraw samplers. This would enable them to gather industry feedback on its use.