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  1. Collect Correctly !

    Collect Correctly !

    In 2016, an employment tribunal in the UK awarded significant damages to a bus driver who had been dismissed for drug use.

    The driver claimed that Cocaine residues were on his palms and fingers from recently handling bank notes.

    This claim was upheld when a later hair sample was found to be negative.

    Hair was sampled one month after the oral fluid testing and NO Cocaine or metabolite was detected. This implies that Cocaine was not in the driver\'s system at the time of initial testing.

    In the collection process somehow the driver handled the oral fluid collection device and this resulted in a positive drug result form the testing laboratory.

    Was the donor allowed to touch the swab collector?

    Were two samples taken as per the mandate in the European Workplace Drug Testing Oral Fluid Guidelines?

    This incident can only enforce the use of proper collection

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  2. UK Construction Sector Drug and Alcohol - 65% Never Tested

    UK Construction Sector Drug and Alcohol - 65% Never Tested

    It costs less than £10 to test one of your workers for illicit drug use.

    The leading web portal for the Construction Industry, the Safety and Health Practitioner reports that alcohol and drugs in UK construction industry have been placed under the spotlight by the Considerate Constructors Scheme after a survey has revealed that 59% of people working across the industry have concerns over the effects of drugs and alcohol on the industry.

    The Scheme’s new ‘Spotlight on…’ campaign focuses on taking measures to protect and safeguard the entire workforce in relation to drugs and alcohol.

    A recent survey of over 1300 people working across the industry discovered that 59% have concerns over the effects of drugs and alcohol in construction, yet 65% have never been tested for drugs and alcohol.

    The survey, which was conducted by the Considerate Constructors Scheme in May 2016 also rev

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  3. 30 Years in Business

    30 Years in Business

    Please join us in celebrating our 30th year in business. We have been supplying our products to some UK and European customers since our first day in business. We would like to thank those customers we have retained since our first year, and of course thank the others we have picked up along the way.

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