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  1. New PDF Brochures for Process Sampling

    New for 2021.   We have two new detailed brochures to help you understand the benefits of aseptic sampling.

    Contact us for a PDF.

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  2. Free Fittings to allow aseptic sampling


    New for 2021     For a limited time, we are offering at no charge, the Varivent connection fitting to allow QualiTru Aseptic Sampling on your existing pipework and tanks.

    If your process and product needs a better sample, then contact us.



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  3. Lateral Flow Tests


    We offer free advice on the benefits and considerations on all types of Covid-19 testing.

    The tests we offer are used by the UK Government in their Mass Community Testing programmes for Antigen detection.

    Please contact us for a free appraisal of your company's requirements.

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  4. September 16th Seminar


    Dairy SamplingPlease join us for a seminar

     Dairy Sampling Seminar

    Click on the link and join us at 7pm UK time on Wednesday, September 16th.

    If you are unavailbale but would like a copy of the presentation, please let us know.



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  5. Antibody Testing as a Passport to Return to Work

    Antibody Testing as a Passport to Return to Work

    No test is a 100% accurate.   However this test has value as an indication that this donor has had Covid-19 and now has produced antibodies which it is assumed has given them immunity.

    This immunity is not yet confirmed, as at this time, no studies with known Covid-19 survivors has re-exposed this cohort to the virus.

    There are no reports of individuals contracting the virus twice.

    We believe that this "fit for work" test will be vital in getting the UK economy back on track.


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  6. QualiTru Applications Latest Video

    Aseptic sampling applications.

    The latest in the series is the brewing industry.

    Click on the link to view the video.

    Qualitru Brewing Applications

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  7. GEA Customers - now offered free port for sampling septa

    We realise this is a busy and difficult time for everyone involved in food and dairy processing but hope you may have time to read this e mail regarding an innovation in sample processing.


    As you may know Agriyork have been supplying aseptic sampling ports and septa to the dairy industry from our trusted partner Qualitru for many years.


    If you are using GEA VARINLINE in your process piping system you will be pleased to know that a new QUALITRU designed “plug-in” port is now available. This means that the VARINLINE access units which allow in-line connection of instruments for eg.  pressure, temperature and flow measurement are now able to accept TRUSTREAM SAMPLING PORTS for aseptic sampling.

    Qualitru are looking to supply a number of these ports free of charge to suitable sites, along with septa and Tru

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  8. You can't lock down the cows

    You can't lock down the cows

    Contact Agriyork400 Ltd to discover our wide range of vials, containers, sampling pots.

    We offer the world leading aseptic sampling septa and fittings from our long term partner, Qualitru Systems.

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  9. Antibody Test Protocol

    How to test

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  10. New Covid19 Test Available from Agriyork400 Ltd

    New Covid19 Test Available from Agriyork400 Ltd

    The Covid-19 Antibody test detects and measures two specific Covid-19 antibodies, IgM and IgG.  The presence of IgM typically indicates that a normal human immune system is fighting the virus.

    The other antibody Covid-19 IgG is expected to be present in the blood of an individual who has had the disease and has recovered.  IgG simplistically, is the body's defence mechanism to prevent future attacks from the virus.

    Note, the the test is NOT detecting the virus, it is detecting the bodies response to the virus.

    A person who has not been infected by the Covid-19 virus, will not have either IgM or IgG in their immume systems.  In this case they would be negative for both antibodies.

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