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  1. Antibody Test Protocol

    How to test

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  2. New Covid19 Test Available from Agriyork400 Ltd

    New Covid19 Test Available from Agriyork400 Ltd

    The Covid-19 Antibody test detects and measures two specific Covid-19 antibodies, IgM and IgG.  The presence of IgM typically indicates that a normal human immune system is fighting the virus.

    The other antibody Covid-19 IgG is expected to be present in the blood of an individual who has had the disease and has recovered.  IgG simplistically, is the body's defence mechanism to prevent future attacks from the virus.

    Note, the the test is NOT detecting the virus, it is detecting the bodies response to the virus.

    A person who has not been infected by the Covid-19 virus, will not have either IgM or IgG in their immume systems.  In this case they would be negative for both antibodies.

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  3. Coronavirus Business Plan

    Coronavirus Update     Known Unknowns


    Agriyork400 Ltd like many businesses are trying to plan for events in unparalleled times.

    Customers may be aware of our full product line, but more typically customers are buying one or two products and are unaware of our full range of products.

    Let us address known and unknown concerns that are particular to specific products.

    Food and Dairy

    We have extensive stock in our warehouse and of course food and dairy businesses will be essential to our economy, and we see the following as concerns.


    This has two factors:

    Our vials come by road from France, and by sea container from the USA.

    The vials we deliver to you are by road courier.

    Currently neither of these routes and delivery mechanisms is under threat, and we assume that the manufacturing plants will continue to manufacture.

    If UK courier services

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  4. Qualitru Sampling Webinar

    How to take a proper sample.

    Agriyork400 Ltd are pleased to announce an interactive presentation where industry experts discuss the important procedures and protocols for proper sampling of food products.


    Please join us in our upcoming webinar      Food Hygiene - Aseptic Sampling

    3pm UK Time, March 24th.    Please follow the link to register.

    Join Qualitru's Anne Bigalke and Campden BRI Roy Betts.

    They discuss the requirements and practical aspects with Francois Bourdichon of Food Safety Microbiology Hygiene of France.



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  5. Where can I meet Agriyork?

    Where can I meet Agriyork?

    Agriyork400 Ltd                Meetings and Future Events


    Upcoming:     LTG in London in March 2020

                           UKIAFT in Jersey August 2020

    These are the premier toxicology and workplace drug testing themed meetings in Europe.

    In the food, product processing and packaging, and dairy market we attend the major UK exhibits and trade shows, including food processing, beverage and creamery.

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  6. Workplace Drug Testing Seminars

    Workplace Drug Testing Seminars

    We offer a wide range of workshops and seminars on the topic of drug and alcohol impact in the workplace.

    These training events can be catered to your own organisation's specific requirments.  

    Contact us to discuss.     Here is a link to our upcoming Irish event   Galway seminar

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  7. Beware of CBD

    Beware of CBD

    CBD Products can lead to drug test postives in urine samples.

    In many high street Cannabidiol products there is sufficient THC to result in urine positive drug test results.

    Most urine drug tests for Cannabis use THC-COOH as the calibrant. That is, the concentration of  THC-COOH is the compound that determines the pass/fail result.

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  8. Workplace Drug Testing

    Workplace Drug Testing

    New for 2020

    We have a reader for our multi panel drug tests - no more subjective results.

    Archive your drug test data, and have an objective camera readout of the test result.


    For these reason we have launched a Self Appraisal Drug Audit, to be used by employers and responsible management.

    More details to be found at

    This survey style tool will give employers feedback on what is actually happening on the shop floor, or inside company vehicle fleets.

    What would your workers expect when it comes to addressing drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace? Employers have a duty of care to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

    At Agriyork400 Ltd we have been contacted by many potential customers regarding the benefits of starting and enforcing a

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  9. Bristol leads the way in Cocaine use

    Bristol leads the way in Cocaine use

    UK City Leads the way!

    Bristol has the highest concentration of Cocaine in the city effluent.

    Meaning that Cocaine use is higher in Bristol than any other city in Europe.

    Does your work testing panel include Cocaine and it's metabolite BZE?

    Agriyork have some of the most sensitive Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine test strips for both oral fluid and urine test matrices.

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  10. New Drug Panel for Urine Testing

    New Drug Panel for Urine Testing

    Agriyork400 Ltd have responded to changes in the UK and European drug scene.

    6MAM, the unique Heroin metabolite is now an option on our drug panel options. This test is the only way to determine the difference between over the counter codeine use and illicit heroin abuse.

    The EURO is a new 12 panel urine drug test and we are now shipping product.

    Tramadol and Ketamine have been added to the EURO Urine Drug Test panel.

    Agriyork400 Ltd now offer the most comprehensive and cost effective urine test regime.   + New for 2019 a Camera Cup Test Reader

    12 and 14 panel tests, custom kits and a warehouse stock.

    Please contact us for more details on the structure of the test panel and cut off levels.

    In addition we have a custom 6 panel urine test which offers K2, the synthetic cannabis and Tramadol.

    Tramadol is a very heavily prescribed and abused "opioid like"

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