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15 Sep 2017

Agriyork400 attended:

EWDTS Conference in Turin

Society of Hair Testing Meeting   Cardiff

UKIAFT in August

London Toxicology Group Quarterly Meetings           Next Meeting in October

The September 2017 combined TIAFT/SOFT meeting in Boca Raton, Florida is our major international event but unfortunately Hurrican Irma prevailed and the meeting was postponed.

LTG Quarterly meetings are planned on September 29th and December 8th.

 In the food,dairy and product sampling sector Agriyork400 Ltd have attended multiple meetings and exhibitions throughout the UK.


NPS now enacted, Legal highs now illegal

14 Sep 2017

Breaking News:  Nitrous Oxide is now a medicine.  What will happen to previous convictions?

NOX was a very large percentage of the earlier conviction data. PSA confusion abounds.

In the UK the New Psychoactive Substance Act has come into force and the Home Office issued a December 2016 press release giving an overview of 100s of convictions and some Head Shop closures in the UK.

Despite this, Black Mamba and other "Illegal highs" flood the UK prison system, however in December 2016 these SCRA (Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists) were moved onto the Misuse of Drugs Schedule and are illegal.

Many technical questions still remain as to how "psychoactive" properties of a substance will be assessed. Receptor Binding assays will be a key part of the procedure, and the UK Home Office have indicated which commercial company will be performing the assays.

Questions about the implementation of the Act and the verification of psychoactive properties from a legal perspective remain.

Foodstuffs are exempt, as is caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. The fate of nutmeg remains uncertain and khat is already banned.

Specific receptor binding combined with an objective psychoactive property will be an assay performed by Eurofins laboratory in France.

It is assumed both binding and an agonistic effect will be required by justice system. (and understood by a jury?)

Head Shops have closed, but the new law makes "importation" a criminal offence, even for personal use.

How will this be enforced? We have already seen many press reports of overdosing on "unknown" highs as well as injuries and deaths due to massive doses of MDMA taken by unsuspecting drug "experimenters".

Possession itself is not a crime, except in specific areas e.g.prison. How will seized quantities be assessed for personal use versus intent to deal?

More news and possibly some answers to follow.

Fentanyl and Spice in our standard Urine Drug Panel

24 Jul 2017

 Fentanyl has reached the UK drug scene.

Many deaths have been attributed to this powerful opiod.  

Our standard urine test panel comprises the 12 most commonly abused drugs in the UK.


 are the drugs and metabolites in our urine cup test. 


For more details please contact us at

Or phone our office at (44) 1759306580

Where can I meet Agriyork?

07 Jul 2017

Agriyork400 Ltd Upcoming Meetings and Exhibits


We attended the EWDTS conference in Turin, where an interesting agenda was presented. This is the premier pan-European group involved in Workplace Drug Testing.

This was followed by Railtex in Birmingham, which is a major sector for workplace drug testing in the UK and Europe.

SOHT the hair testing meeting in Cardiff was attended in June.

UKIAFT was held in August in Oxford and Agriyork exhibited there, showing their new DrugCab product.

SOFT in Florida was in our plans but hurricane Irma changed that,

 We continue to support the quarterly London Toxicology Group meetings.

Our dairy and sampling team have recently attended the Waste Water meeting in Telford and the Lab Innovations show at the NEC Birmingham.


In the food, product processing and packaging, and dairy market we attend the major UK exhibits and trade shows, including food processing, beverage and creamery.




Tomlinson Dairies

15 Jun 2017

Tomlinson's continue to grow.

Tomlinson Dairies are an expanding dairy producer and Agriyork400 Ltd are proud to be a supplier of sampling products to this exciting success story.

The Welsh family owned dairy have expanded and are now a major supplier of dairy products.

Tomlinson use Agriyork400 sampling vials and QMI aseptic samplers.

Please click on the video link to see "milk in action"

Misuse of Drugs Update

17 May 2017

Effective May 31st, 2017, some new compounds have been added to the UK MIsuse of Drugs Act Schedule.

This order relates to three groups of substances. The first is the synthetic opiate known as U-47,700; the second consists of 12 methylphenidate-related new psychoactive substances; and the third is etizolam and 15 additional designer benzodiazepines. The effect of this order is to insert these 29 drugs into Schedule 2 to the 1971 Act. This will make it an offence to possess, produce, import, export, supply, or offer to supply these drugs without a Home Office licence.

New Drug Panel for Urine Testing

18 Apr 2017

Agriyork400 Ltd have responded to changes in the UK and European drug scene.

6MAM, the unique Heroin metabolite is now an option on our drug panel options. This test is the only way to determine the difference between over the counter codeine use and illicit heroin abuse.

The EURO is a new 12 panel urine drug test and we are now shipping product.

Tramadol and Ketamine have been added to the EURO Urine Drug Test panel.

Agriyork400 Ltd now offer the most comprehensive and cost effective urine test regime.

12 and 14 panel tests, custom kits and a warehouse stock.

Please contact us for more details on the structure of the test panel and cut off levels.

In addition we have a custom 6 panel urine test which offers K2, the synthetic cannabis and Tramadol.

Tramadol is a very heavily prescribed and abused "opioid like" pain killer. As it is not a true opioid, there are many morphine based tests which will NOT detect Tramadol.

30 Years in Business

08 Mar 2017

Please join us in celebrating our 30th year in business. We have been supplying our products to some UK and European customers since our first day in business. We would like to thank those customers we have retained since our first year, and of course thank the others we have picked up along the way.

6MAM Heroin Metabolite Yes, Mephedrone No

28 Feb 2017

Our Urine Point of Collection Test now includes a specific unique test for the heroin metabolite 6MAM  (6 mono Acetyl Morphine).

Heroin by far is the most problematic abused drug in the UK.  Only 6MAM confirmation can indicate Heroin use in a donor.

Other drugs of interest which are losing popularity include Mephedrone which was moved onto the Misuse of Drugs Schedule more than two years ago. We wanted to be sure that our current tests did not show any cross reactivity (response) for what is now an outdated abused substance.

Agriyork400 Ltd collaborated with our toxicology researcher of the year, Ann-Sophie Korb, to determine that our supplied urine and oral fluid Point of Collection Test kits show no measurable cross reactivity for Mephedrone.

Anne-Sophie is studying for her PhD at the University of Glasgow.

This means the speciifity of our Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and MDMA Point of Collection Tests are not compromised.

A "Point of Collection Test" is a screening technique frequently used in workplace drug testing where quite naturally, the vast number of employees will be drug free.

The UK government announced that it has banned Mephedrone and related cathinones under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

It has been controlled as a Class B drug since 16th April 2010, meaning that it is illegal to be sold and illegal to possess.


About the University of Glasgow.

The university has several famous scientific alumni, including Lord Kelvin, William Ramsey, Joseph Black, James Black and the winner of the 2015 Leo Dal Cortivo award, Ann-Sophie Korb.

The academic unit of Forensic Medicine and Science at the University of Glasgow encompasses the two disciplines: Forensic Pathology and Forensic Toxicology.  

The unit is now the longest established academic forensic institution in the United Kingdom (founded 1839), probably the largest, and one of the few to combine pathology and toxicology under one roof.


NPS Seminar

21 Feb 2017

Agriyork400 Ltd will be exhibiting and speaking in the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences seminar on New Psychoactive Substances in York.

The event is being held at York University and will be a full day of topics covering all aspects of these now "illegal legal highs" and their impacts on our society.

Please contact our office  for the full programme.

QMI now QualiTru Sampling Systems

22 Nov 2016

Agriyork400 Ltd are please to announce their continued partnership with QualiTru sampling systems.

QMI have rebranded their expanded product line and this will lead to more single entity sampling systems. QualiTru promise to continue with a holistic appraoch to aseptic sampling, rather than offer multi component systems from multiple suppliers.

The industry leading suppliers of aseptic sampling septa and fiitings has been servicing Agriyork's critical dairy customers since 1996.


Workplace Drug Testing

02 Sep 2016

New for 2016

Contact Agriyork400 Ltd  to participate in our UK wide, employee drug and alcohol survey.

The new Psychoactive Substance Act has now been enacted, and there are a growing number of fatalities and emergency admissions due to NPS abuse.

This has very significant impact on drug test panels in Workplace Drug testing.

For these reason we have launched a Self Appraisal Drug Audit, to be used by employers and responsible management.

More details to be found at

This survey style tool will give employers feedback on what is actually happening on the shop floor, or inside company vehicle fleets.

What would your workers expect when it comes to addressing drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace? Employers have a duty of care to promote a safe and healthy work environment.


At Agriyork400 Ltd we have been contacted by many potential customers regarding the benefits of starting and enforcing a drug and alcohol policy within their workplace.

Agriyork400 will review and assess your currently programme and future needs.

Pre employment drug testing per se is illegal in the UK.

With new drug driving laws in place and an ever increasing abundance of  now illegal "legal highs" in use, there is no better time to consider your options in the ever changing world of drug testing.

Are you aware of the law as it relates to pre employment drug checks?

The UK Equalities Act of 2010 has changed the landscape of candidate drug testing in employment situations.

An employer must be aware of what questions cannot be asked of a potential candidate BUT must also be aware of any employers obligation to maintain a safe workplace.

Health and Safety at Work AND the Misuse of Drugs Act are very relevant pieces of legislation in any workplace programme.  Is your documentation correct?

Very soon the new law on Psychoactive Substances will come into force. This is a major change in UK drug law. Does your drug testing programme include the soon to be illegal "legal highs".

Contact Agriyork400 Ltd for more information.

UK Drug Driving (England & Wales)

22 Aug 2016

There are now several months worth of convictions secured in England and Wales since the instrument changing the law was enacted last year.

Where are the convictions for 15 of the 17 listed drugs?

Are drug drivers not taking these drugs or are we simply not testing for them?

This article pertains to the 2015 s5A "Drug Driving" Statute.

Non impaired driving while having one or more listed drugs above a permissible level in blood.

CPS Data indicates that as of October several hundred drivers had there cases moved forward.

This means that blood concentrations reported by the testing laboratories would indicate that these drivers had exceeded the permissible blood concentrations. The vast majority of those laboratory tests only involve cannabis and cocaine (and its major metabolite) determinations.

The UK government now have a self fulfilling strategy in that:

Cannabis and Cocaine are stated to be the "drugs of choice" for drug driving

Roadside oral fluid screening is currently only for Cannabis and Cocaine

Blood analysis is predominately a request to a  laboratory for Cannabis and Cocaine analysis.

(Only three UK labs are "approved" to determine the other 15 drugs in the statute, so no real surprise that for example, benzodiazepines convictions are at zero.)

CPS convictions are therefore all Cannabis and/or Cocaine, with a few Ketamine cases where evidence indicated the use of that drug.

Government then reinforce their claim that Cannabis and Cocaine are the drugs of choice.

There are now 17 drugs and metabolites added, with maximum concentrations for each listed.

Amphetamine was added shortly after the new driving statute became law.

These concentrations are based on laboratory tests on driver blood samples. Initial screening techniques will be used for THC and Cocaine/BZE using saliva.

This section of the UK RTA does not require impairment to be indicated or proved. It will be an offence to drive with any of these drugs in your blood above the stated concentrations.

UK employers need to be aware of these drugs and their concentration limits. An effective and current workplace drug testing programme should factor in these drugs and their concentration limits.

Scotland now has a lower drink driving limit but will not implement the new drug driving statue.

GPs and pharmacists have been instructed to warn prescription users to follow the guidelines stated on a prescription, but many legal drug users have no idea about their current blood serum concentrations.

Duncan Harding from the Home Office CAST team updated the UKIAFT conference and indicated that there was a very low number of arrested drivers with Benzos in their system. This could also be that a very few number of drivers who screened positive for Cannabis or Cocaine actually had their blood analysed for Benzos or any other additional drugs in the s5A statute.

More details are in our current Newsletter.  Sign up for a free subscription to receive your copy.

Contact Agriyork400 Ltd for more information.

Collect Correctly !

20 Jul 2016

Last year an employment tribunal in the UK awarded significant damages to a bus driver who had been dismissed for drug use.

The driver claimed that Cocaine residues were on his palms and fingers from recently handling bank notes.

This claim was upheld when a later hair sample was found to be negative.

Hair was sampled one month after the oral fluid testing and NO Cocaine or metabolite was detected. This implies that Cocaine was not in the driver\'s system at the time of initial testing.

In the collection process somehow the driver handled the oral fluid collection device and this resulted in a positive drug result form the testing laboratory.

Was the donor allowed to touch the swab collector?

Were two samples taken as per the mandate in the European Workplace Drug Testing Oral Fluid Guidelines?

This incident can only enforce the use of proper collection procedures which should be used by properly trained collectors.

Any laboratory result can only be as good as the integrity of the sample.

Agriyork400 Ltd provide a range of sample collectors, chain of custody documentation and donor forms.

Please contact Agriyork400 Ltd to discuss your own programmes and procedures.

UK Construction Sector Drug and Alcohol - 65% Never Tested

11 Jul 2016

The leading web portal for the Construction Industry, the Safety and Health Practitioner reports that alcohol and drugs in UK construction industry have been placed under the spotlight by the Considerate Constructors Scheme after a survey has revealed that 59% of people working across the industry have concerns over the effects of drugs and alcohol on the industry.

The Scheme’s new ‘Spotlight on…’ campaign focuses on taking measures to protect and safeguard the entire workforce in relation to drugs and alcohol.

A recent survey of over 1300 people working across the industry discovered that 59% have concerns over the effects of drugs and alcohol in construction, yet 65% have never been tested for drugs and alcohol.

The survey, which was conducted by the Considerate Constructors Scheme in May 2016 also revealed that:

  • 39% admitted the issue of drugs or alcohol could be better tackled in their workplace
  • 35% have noticed their colleagues under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • 25% agreed drugs or alcohol affected them at work through tiredness
  • 23% agreed it affected them through decreased attention during work
  • 19% agreed the effects made them less productive at work.

Many contractors, suppliers and clients of the industry undertake rigorous and regular measures to tackle this issue including zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol, random testing, providing information on drugs and alcohol through toolbox talks, site inductions and resources such as on-site posters.

To download the full Spotlight web article please contact Agriyork400 Ltd.

Benzo drivers must be staying off UK roads

05 Jul 2016

Latest data from Department for Transport indicates that despite 5000+ convictions under the new "Drug Driving" s5A statute only 10 or so drivers were found to have Benzos above the control limits in their blood.

However, recently published data shows that an astonishing 16 million prescriptions for benzodiazepines were issued in the last reporting month of the latest NHS England data.

One month, September 2015, saw 16 million prescriptions which is 107 million doses.

It would appear that we are awash with benzodiazepines, but no drivers arrested for abusing them.

These powerful drugs should not be given as a long term therapy.  Is one quarter of the population of England taking benzos or is there a large number of people permanently medicated?

Either way, you may wish to check your workers and drivers for abuse.

In Ireland, where roadside drug testing (including testing for Benzos) was started in April 2017, a very HIGH number of convictions are because of benzo use.

The UK is not looking, so there is the reason for an almost zero conviction rate.

Are your workplace drug testing programmes current?

In the UK, the most commonly prescribed Benzodiazepines are:





In England and Wales, the "Drug Driving s5A Statute" includes these and Clonazepam, Flunitrazepam and Temazepam. These are the 6 Benzodiazepines which have controlled concentrations in non impaired driver blood.

In addition, European Workplace Drug Testing Urine Guidelines list a further 8 of the Benzo family including the illicit Phenazepam.


Contact Agriyork400 Ltd to review your needs based on CURRENT drug use.

Dairy Sampling Integrity

02 Nov 2015

We have a new Newsletter showing the benefits of dairy and food sampling under ideal aseptic conditions.

It is very important in food processing that there is no possibility of accidental or deliberate contamination of a sample point or a food sample itself.

The PDF is available in the QMI Downloads section of our website.